If you guild it, they will come.

Permaculture Women’s Guild is cultivating global abundance for a new generation, through interactive education, regenerative leadership, and social systems design. We’re here to build personal and professional connections between women who teach, practice, write about, and live on the permaculture path. 

Heather Jo Flores

Catalyst and Principal Cat-Herder

Heather Jo Flores has been studying, practicing, teaching, and organizing permaculture projects since the mid-1990’s. She is the founder and director of Permaculture Women’s Guild. She holds a BA focused on Permaculture Education and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, in which her Master’s thesis focused on using art, gardening, and somatic movement to help women heal from personal and cultural trauma. For more about Heather, go here.

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Our Permaculture Design Course Mentors

Our online double-certificate Permaculture Design Course contains content from more than 100 female experts in 30 countries, and includes an active faculty of dozens of women from a wide variety of climates and cultures, making this the most comprehensive and well-supported permaculture course in the world.

Our teachers are experienced leaders, with strong ties in their local communities. Most of us have advanced degrees in a related field, many are published authors, and all of us are certified permaculture designers with anywhere from 5-40 years of hands-on homesteading and social systems experience. 

Your PDC tuition includes 1:1 support with the mentor of your choice, plus access to our private forum where all of the active faculty are present to answer questions and guide your design. 

Active Teachers

Click each teacher’s name to see her full profile and link to her recent work.

You may choose any one of them to be your 1:1 mentor.​ Mentor selection happens during orientation, right after you enroll.

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Contributing Teachers

We reference and signal-boost many hundreds of women in all our courses, but these are the ones who made content specifically for our Permaculture Design Course. Click through to their profiles, read recent writing, and link to their local programs.

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