The challenges before us are monumental…to maintain silence is to cast our vote for the status quo, to passively endorse a racist and exploitative food system, and to deny ourselves agency over the destiny of our community. To the extent that our resources and physical ability permit, we too are obligated to get our hands dirty in the work of direct mutual aid.

— Leah Penniman

Permaculture helps us to build a better world

For us, that means spending more time in the garden, taking more responsibility for our ecological impact, and grappling with complex social issues too.

So how do we go about it? Through design, and this is exactly what permaculture is all about.

Permaculture is a set of tools and techniques that anyone can use to design gardens and homesteads that provide for your family while also healing nature.

More than just a skillset, permaculture design is a lexicon of strategies, case studies, and communities, and there is no limit to how much you can learn and do.

On this website you will find informed, accessible training and networking opportunities for permaculture folks of all levels of expertise.

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Care for the Earth,

Care for the People, and​

Care for the Future of All Species.

Permaculture combines organic gardening, ecological design, and collaborative community projects to create cultural alternatives and human habitats that regenerate the Earth. ​Learning permaculture is fun and empowering for anybody who wants to grow food, live in closer harmony with nature, and co-create a future in which we can all be proud to thrive.​

Free and low-cost online courses, by and for women in permaculture.

Whether you just want to learn the basics of how to grow food at home, or you want to dive in and make whole-system ecological design a part of your professional wheelhouse, these courses will inspire, empower, and connect you to a global community of like-minded people.

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Free Online Permaculture Courses

Get immediate access to a massive cache of online classes in all aspects of ecological living. Not just for women, this project has its own website and is for anyone who wants to live more sustainably. No one turned away for a lack of funds.

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Permaculture Design Certification

Our signature program, designed by and for women. Work at your own pace, includes 1:1 design guidance with your choice of our international panel of faculty mentors, and lifetime access to 40+ exclusive classes. $750-950 sliding scale tuition.

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Your International Hub for Women in Permaculture.

More than 100,000 people have taken our online courses and participated in our global network, and we provide 1:1 mentorship and permaculture design support to 500+ students in our permaculture design certification program. Our curriculum is approved by the Permaculture Association and our faculty includes more than 40 women from around the world.

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Get your free Permaculture Design Course Guest Pass!

Get unlimited access to three full modules PLUS the Alumni Design Projects sample gallery.

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Introduction to Permaculture

The first module, with a three-ethics overview from a variety of perspectives. We discuss history, terminology, basic strategies.


Urban Permaculture

Exploring the ways and means city folk can grow food and be more sustainable, from gaining access to land to tackling tough social issues.

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Design Step 5: Analysis

Our one-of-a kind Permaculture Design Studio walks you through a whole-system design process. Here’s the middle of it!

“These courses create a bridge between earth care and people care. I was really struggling to care for myself, while carrying the weight of the world, in terms of environmental responsibility. Heather Jo and the other teachers helped me marry those things in clear, obvious, almost hilarious ways. She made me feel validated in my struggles, valued in my skillsets, and empowered to make real changes.”

​—Kendra, Writer and Permaculture Professional

A core part of our mission at PWG is to elevate the voices of women in permaculture, and we do that by boosting the signal of women we love, as well as hosting our own online magazine, offering firsthand narratives and philosophical explorations in social and landscape design, organic living, social justice and decolonization, and self-improvement, all through an ecofeminist, permaculture lens. Want to write for us? Go here.

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Fun for the whole family!

Free Permaculture Coloring Book

This all-original downloadable pdf includes drawings by Lucie Bardos and a written introduction to the basics of permaculture, plus worksheet questions and hands-on activities for all ages.

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Featured Favorites

We strive to focus on actionable, accessible solutions. Here’s a selection of writings by PWG director Heather Jo Flores:

Permaculture Books Written by Women

Discover treasures you might not have heard about!

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What is Permaculture?

An introduction to what it is, and what it isn’t.

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How to Grow a Food Forest

Learn the basics of how to assemble a garden guild.

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How to Learn Permaculture for Free

Links, ideas, and access to the information you need.

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