Penny Krebiehl
Ok Art + Design

Michigan, USA

Top 3 Areas of Expertise

  • Art, Design, and Illustration
  • Community gardening and Community organizing
  • Children + Youth permaculture education and programming

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Advice for Students

“Set a realistic schedule and stick to it. Figure out how to manage stress and unrealistic expectations. Enjoy the process and covet the aha moments.”

Teacher Bio

I acknowledge the Anishinaabe People whose traditional unceded, unsurrendered territory of this Great Lake Stare of Michigan is where I work and live on. I”m care-taking my little part of our Northern Michigan community through a four family garden-farm collective, which has been an inspirational neighborhood community planning system co-created in Traverse City since 2012 to the present. I do not own land, although I pay rent to live here. I share and exchange/barter services and expertise at a production garden and food-forest homestead. I live as a house-mate with permaculture friends who have 30 acres in a Leelanau Conservancy easement where we are designing food systems and forest gardens.

I”m happy to be a mentor in this course, and have appreciated each student that I”ve previously worked alongside. It has been a true pleasure to be in communication with them and see what they have designed. I’ve been sharing/educating through permaculture design since 2005, focusing on children, youth and families, and have an Ok Art + Design business as a writer, graphic-recorder and illustrator. I”m a life-long Michigan garden-farmer, woods-wanderer, and arts educator that”s practiced and actively changed up my behaviors and habits. I”m committed to learning, and practicing a better way to be apart of this planet, and I think our permaculture course is a WOWZer–as in essential! I”m the founder of Northern Michigan Permaculture, a Co-Originator of GRLPI, a Certified Permaculture Designer and Instructor.

  • 18 years of permaculture adventure + experience, as student + designer + certified instructor
  • Heartfelt interest and take my mentoring role as a serious responsibility.
  • I believe that the permaculture course could become an integral part of every child and young persons formal education, AND continuing education for adult humans.

Hourly tutoring rate: $100, offers full scholarships and work-trades.

Typical response time: within a few days.

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