Free and Low-Cost Online Permaculture Courses for everyone!

These resource-packed, go-at-your-own pace adventures are the best online permaculture courses for busy women who want to care for the Earth, care for the people, and cultivate a regenerative future, together.

All of these courses, except the Permaculture Design Certification program, are free/donations accepted.

Free Guest Pass!

Try three full modules of our Design Certification program and gain access to the alumni design gallery, for free.

Free Yearlong Course

Go at your own pace or do a class a week for a year and learn how to design your ecological home and garden, from start to finish.

Certification Program

Includes private tutoring, the traditional certification curriculum, and advanced training in social systems design.

Emotional Permaculture

Cultivate personal sustainability, from the inside out.

Design Your Life

Use a permaculture design process to establish healthy patterns in your life.

Women Writers

Write your way back to nature with this fun 3-week challenge.

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