Saskia Esslinger
Teach Gardening

Alaska, USA

Top 3 Areas of Expertise

  • Cool Climate / Northern Gardening
  • Regenerative Entrepreneurship
  • Design Cycle

Advice for Students

“Set aside dedicated time each week to work on this course. Find an accountability buddy who can help keep you moving forward. Reach out to your mentor early to make sure you are on the right track. Take advantage of any monthly support calls your mentor offers. And be active in the social media group. It is all about making connections with your mentor and other students!”

Teacher Bio

I live in Homer, Alaska, a rural coastal town. We have long, moderate winters and cool, short summers. I lived in Anchorage many years and have experience in a northern urban environment as well. I have mostly applied permaculture in homestead-style situations, but do have some experience with small farms and lots of experience helping people set up small businesses.

I absolutely love working with students on their designs. I listen to the specific needs and struggles of each student and can help turn them into opportunities. I am especially good at helping people see the big picture and make connection within their design. I also love helping people identify money-making potential based on their unique background and interests.

  • BSc in Environmental Science (Western Washington University)
  • MSc in Regenerative Entrepreneurship (Gaia University) – Permaculture Certificate with Dave Blume in 2003
  • Permaculture Teaching Certificate with Dave Jacke in 2010
  • Advisor with Gaia University 2010- 2014
  • Mentor with Permaculture Women’s Guild since 2018
  • Permaculture teacher and mentor working with students in my own business since 2009

Hourly tutoring rate: $100. Offers full and partial scholarships and work-trades.

Typical response time: within a few days.

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