Our Permaculture Design Course Mentors

Select one of our faculty members to guide you on your learning journey to become a certified permaculture designer.

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Mandy Merklein

Mallorca, Spain. Mandy studied permaculture since 1982 and is a founding and active member of Permacultura Mediterranea, Youth in Permaculture, Gaia Youth, Community and Ecology Resources, and Escola Kumar.
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Meiling Colorado

Mallorca, Spain. Meiling has studied and taught permaculture in a diversity of settings. Her new book, Aftermath, was published this Spring.
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Kareen Erbe

Montana, USA. Kareen owns Broken Ground, a permaculture education and design business that teaches people how to grow their own food and become more self-reliant.
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Lucie Bardos

Kelowna, Canada. Lucie is a community project consultant, educator, course facilitator, and artist.
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Luiza Oliveira

Italy, Brasil, Switzerland, California. Luiza is passionate about regenerative design, social justice, and how permaculture practices are a great way to reclaim our own nature and health.
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Dana Utroske

Oregon, USA. Dana is a sustainability educator, designer, and consultant, who is deeply passionate about uniting people and planet to usher in a new era of regeneration.
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Silvia DiBlasio

Vancouver, Canada. Silvia specializes in inner and social permaculture and is also a passionate practitioner, instructor and advocate for food sovereignty and disaster preparedness/planning.
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Paige Payne

Colorado, USA. Paige has a deep appreciation and understanding of nature, diverse ecosystems, and the influence of nature on mental and spiritual health.
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Jane Hayes

Toronto, Canada. Jane is a gardener, community developer, educator and coach with 25 years of experience.
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Kelda Lorax

Oklahoma, USA. Kelda is a PINA diplomat and trains next generation Permaculture leaders. She has a wide experience with designs, teams, and projects. She also sells veggies and medicinal herbs from her small food forest.
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Amy Stross

Ohio, USA. Amy Stross is a permaculture gardener, writer, educator, and author of The Suburban Micro-Farm, with a varied background in home-scale food production.
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Sarah Wu

Sarah Wu is a clinical herbalist of 17 years, and is the Director and Educational Curator of the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies, an 85-acre permaculture farm in Costa Rica.
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