Luiza Oliveira
L’Invisible Irrésistible

Luiza is a permaculture designer, teacher, and consultant working in various settings like individual projects, group projects, and associations. Luiza is an active member of Permaculture Romande and Le Nid, a local food coop.

Her permaculture journey started in a personal search for a more sustainable way to promote and practice health care, in 2011. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where she graduated and worked as an MD, specialized in Neurology.

She became a medical doctor out of passion, but besides her enthusiasm, she found herself often disappointed seeing the many counterproductive environmental and social dynamics present in the hospitals and educational spaces.

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Combined with the frustration created by the negative impact of the pharmaceutical industry in medical education and practice. When she discovered permaculture, she started to find the missing links of the health care that she was looking for.

Her permaculture education is:

In 2017, Luiza started to design her own work as a permaculture teacher and consultant and founded L’Invisible Irrésistible: Permaculture, Health, and Ecofeminism. Where she offers her work as a consultant and also organizes workshops, retreats, and activities around these themes.

Used to working in multicultural and multilingual spaces, Luiza works in English, French, Portuguese, and Italian.

You can contact her via e-mail at

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