Yvonne Neuse

Suderberg, Germany

It”s not the end – it”s just the beginning! I had a great time in this course, being able to take my time to dive deep into the topics I wanted to learn more about, stumbling over even more different perspectives and ideas than I had exspected, feeling overwhelmed once in a while, but enjoying the whole journey after all.

If I had a complex, holistic view of the world and me in it before – I now see, think, understand and live even more in systems, patterns and flows – becoming more myself on every step. So yes, it was a great journey and it will go on. I am looking forward to the things I will learn and the experiences I will have on my personal path as I move on into the permaculture world. You love nature? You”re interested to learn more about permaculture in your own pace? This is where you”ll find high-quality content en masse and a great community to share your thoughts and ideas with. It”s worth it!

PWG PDC Presentation Video
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