Sowing Ideas

by Luiza Oliveira

image 12
Drawing and picture by Luiza Oliveira

A perspective on how to care for the nature and the biodiversity within and around us.

Ideas are like seeds, you see them sprouting, and if you take good care of them, they will transform into amazing plants. From plants, they will become forests, in front of your eyes.

Ideas are like seeds, you plant one, and if you give yourself time to listen to it deeply (aka patience), you will be gifted with thousands more.

Ideas are like seeds, when you plant them with friends, they grow within you all, connecting experiences, creating layers of emotions, memories, and shared learnings.

When you sprout and grow ideas together with your loved ones, with your friends and community, they grow beyond yourselves as if the seeds of ideas were connected by a mycelium that is invisible to the eye, and yet you can all feel it pulsing, moving, and connecting ideas, plants, people and everything around you all.

Take care of your seeds as you take care of your ideas, or the other way round because when you take care of both of them (seeds and ideas), you will find yourself harvesting beautiful flowers, fruits, herbs, and medicine from the forests within and around you.

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