Nature of a Resilient Heart

By Nihan Sevinc

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Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

Uncertain times call for resilient hearts.

Hearts that know how to feel and release.

A resilient heart welcomes emotions, like a tree that offers shelter for weary wandering creatures.

Emotions, after all, are a natural response to what goes on within and around us.

May we attend to them with unwavering kindness and curiosity.

Like a tree that knows how to survive strong winds, a resilient heart can bend and not break.

Rooted firmly in the earth, it reaches up to the skies, while remaining flexible in every inch. Emotion, like the wind, is energy in motion. Its nature is to move.

May we learn how to move with it, so it can move through and set us free.

When welcomed with kindness, offered safe shelter and allowed to flow, emotions can bring remarkable gifts.

Like the gift of truth. The kind that shows us what is and what isn’t working. The kind that puts us in touch with what is essential, natural and true for us, as well as the desire to live accordingly.

While the old falls away, making room for a new reality, may we answer the call to feel in order to heal.

May we cultivate with each breath kindness, compassion, and resiliency.

And along the way, may we discover we have each become just what the new earth needs.

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