Lorna Prescott

West Midlands, United Kingdom

This course has helped me to identify, design and implement what my husband and I both aspire to, moving us closer to being the people we want to be, in relationship with the land and beings we live alongside. It has hugely contributed to me developing confidence in my work (which is rooted in social systems), and has shown me how to bring my passion for environmental justice into my work. This course has both consolidated and advanced my earlier tentative learning explorations around decolonisation and intergenerational justice. It has helped me to understand more about the role I take as a designer (in an organisation that doesn’t recognise the role of design) and how I choose to design. This course has changed how I think, how I see the world, and how I act and behave in it.

This PDC gives you the time and space for to fully observe your site and yourself through the seasons, and allow all kinds of new information to percolate and marinade in your mind as you also go about day to day life and work. Learning from a global faculty of women opens up all kinds of doors into areas of permaculture and permaculture related activity which you might like to explore further, during or following the course. The invitation to connect with other learners and to see design projects submitted by previous students is both motivating and incredibly helpful.

This course and others developed alongside it are so incredibly generous and respectfully thought-through. Seeing the course iterate and evolve demonstrates an honouring of learner feedback which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. If you are committed to making the time, you won’t regret signing up for this course!

Permaculture Design Course presentation

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