Nathalie Guitton Jensen

Lund, Sweden

I loved the way the course has develop my views of the world, of the landscape, zooming in and out, seeing connections. The GOBRADIME, SMARTER goals and other concepts helped to organize my thoughts. It seemed effortless, but the way the modules guided me through all the steps of the design made it a wonderful journey. The course and its design modules have given me the confidence to designing a home system and way of life, when I set out to design a garden that produced food.

The fact that we can study the PWGPDC at our own pace, apply what we learn to our own life, focus on our own issues, and find hands-on solutions for them with an amazing set of tools and guidance is really exceptional. The quality of the course is amazing, the content continually improving and there is always something new to discover and investigate further.


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