Voices of Women in Permaculture

Rants, opinions, politics, relationships–this section of our magazine hosts a huge diversity of articles from women all over the world.

The Best Advice

By Julia Pereira Dias Aren’t we the selfless ones? “My husband could save so much time, if only he’d listen to me,” sighs Diane. She…

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after the dark night the rooster announces the light By Ginkgo Biloba I remember well a sunset from more than two years ago. I was…

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Meditar es dejar de intentarlo

Guía de meditación para mentes inquietas By Rosaura Ruiz La meditación es una herramienta milenaria, una verdadera herencia de toda la Humanidad. Aunque es sencilla…

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Somos Naturaleza

Interiorizando nuestro ecosistema interior By Rosaura Ruiz Parece una cosa bastante obvia, pero que si la entendemos verdaderamente (no con la mente, sino con las…

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Nature of a Resilient Heart

By Nihan Sevinc Uncertain times call for resilient hearts. Hearts that know how to feel and release. A resilient heart welcomes emotions, like a tree…

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