Rights of Nature

If I had to write the rights of Nature, I’d include these.

by Matilde Magro


If I had to write the rights of Nature, I’d include these.

1 — Freedom of migration, fauna, and flora alike. Seeds, as they migrate through the world, and are carried through birds’ flights, are entitled to develop naturally the soil and microclimate of the territory they are in. Seeds are carried through wind, birds, and humans, who are also entitled to migrate.

2 — Absolute respect for the integrity of the body, the mental (known or unknown), intelligence (known and unknown) and to remain the right to not be persecuted for study.

3 — Freedom of expression.

4 — Freedom to love independent of views of gender.

5 — Freedom to have desired spirituality or religiosity.

6 — Freedom to express voice at will.

7 — Freedom of contact or no contact.

8 — Secure financial freedom as long as capital exists.

9 — Freedom of food, water, and electricity security for every human being.

10 — Freedom of health security.

11 — Freedom of moral integrity.

12 — Freedom of different belief systems.

13 — Freedom to include humanity in the ecosystem.

14 — Freedom of education.

15 — Freedom of individuality.

16 — Freedom of neurodivergence.

17 — Freedom to practice and have available sustainable efforts towards ecologically free life.

18 — Freedom of housing, of building, and of territory.

19 — Freedom of kindness towards all living beings.

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