Reappropriating our inherent natural culture

by Matilde Magro

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Whether you follow me on Medium, Facebook, or Instagram you’re well aware that I think a lot about how to solve our “social problem” and I do speak a lot about opening a dialogue about the cultural issues that need solving in face of moving forward in healing and yet, happy way.

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot for the past year is how our inherent natural culture has been misappropriated from us.

There is clearly a good vs evil battle going on in the world, I’ve decided for the past year or so to not take part in it and just speak about the things we need solving soon.

If you know me, you also know I believe in two things: things, as they stand, need to change and things aren’t as bad as we believe them to be. Why? 1) It’s true humanity needs to change its relationship with itself, with nature as a whole, with children, and everything that lives. And that is in fact happening already. And 2) I do also believe in a very intelligent planet that also is serious and with an amazing sense of humor. It invented sloths and pandas and 2 legged idiots that are master inventors. So I kind of trust that the UN is wrong when mentioning “suicidal” and that Bill Gates is trying to push his own agenda with his new book. And as a bonus, I also believe the planet is simply telling us they are more intelligent than us, mere humans, and that we need a clear dose of humility to be here in a kind and sustainable way.

This being said, a long-gone plot is still lingering on this society we call home. It relates to our inherent knowledge about nature and our inherent natural culture, full of stories and delight, and spirituality that does not hurt us and love to be shared amongst everyone, not just a few. This is a core, unshakable belief I have for a very, very long time.

This plot is simple: tell people what their culture is since they are children.

It’s not just about colonialism, ever since the early homo sapiens, homo sapiens have been colonizing. It’s about mass control. And it’s not about killing us all with 5G or poisoning us with medicine, it’s about how to maintain a hierarchy of power that in fact does not exist, only in the minds of humanity. The richer class rules the poorer classes and has been doing so for millennia. But if you stroll around the countryside in any country, even the most powerful, you don’t see control there. You see absolute freedom to be whatever you want to be. If you stroll around the streets of a busy city you see people needing money. And that’s about it.

This intro is meant to explain that it’s not about the chase for a piece of money, it’s about a lie of status. To reach higher levels of their game, we need to go through an insanely written piece of history that may or not be true, the religion which may or not be true, and cultural narratives that may or not be true, all through media which may or not be truthful, going through stages in life that may or not be good for you.

To desensitize yourself from all this, what is in fact needed is to rely exclusively on the “I don’t know”. If you believe anything, question it, but do not believe another thing. Remain in the question until reality proves to you that whatever is true, is, without a shadow of a doubt. If not, you’re stuck in what some religions call Maya or illusion.

But, in all honesty, the true problem here is the desensitization of our inherent natural culture. This means that through all these means, some long-gone generations of people decided it would be best if we didn’t have such awareness of our capacity to be absolutely natural and it would be best if we’d try to outdo nature which we are part of. Somewhere along the lines, humanity has been trying to transcend life. Do you know what that means? What Freud called the Death Grip — the path to self-destruction.

The only thing that tells me about is a huge sadness. Why give humanity these idiotic invention abilities, and for some reason do not give it full control over the planet? Well, because the planet is far larger than humans are giving them credit for it. And this lie, that humans are superior to planets only serve to keep us in cycles of self-doubt and actually knowing lack of self-worth. The planet does not think the same I’m sure, or we wouldn’t be here.

So, to reappropriate our inherent natural culture, we need to just simply admire nature itself, not try to best it, not to best others, but leave the competitivity behind. What I realized this year is that good does not fight, it lets evil fight itself. Good does get angry, it’s good to be angry facing injustice. But good is what actually changes things. That was my 33rd birthday epiphany: there is a lot more good than bad in the world and most of the bad are about a choice that sometimes we are not conscious enough to know better.

The pause to think before we act sometimes takes years, which is fine. We also understand in this pause that most of what we all actually want is to be loved exactly as we think we are. The disentanglement from that notion of ourselves is by far the best thing we can do for our planet. Think about yourself for a minute, do you want to be yourself? Did you have a moment there: “I’m not good enough for that”… why do you believe the truth about you are your worst traits? That’s like the dog chasing its tail, you’re just cycling through the realization of yourself as the horror show you believe you are instead of the best you have.

If we move in life with goodness in our hearts and kindness in every action, life smiles at us. That’s just about it, no more spiritual dabble.

But this is our inherent natural culture that religions and spiritual sects seek satisfaction through what is the equivalent of modern-day Instagram fame, but deep down we all already know. I think that’s why Bill Gates, after years of fighting sustainable production of food and relying on Wallstreet for his economic benefit suddenly is trying to pass as Earth-friendly.

Because more than religious threats, we have a life that loves us enough to keep us in the most beautiful planet on this entire Solar System, and we are still fighting amongst ourselves about what exactly? Power, fame, that we are right? If we would be, we wouldn’t need to fight.

So, to reappropriate our inherent natural culture is to understand ourselves to be inherently good and to be compassionate with ourselves enough to understand we all have timings to make the realization that life is far more intelligent than we are, so it always knows best. But we do have choices, to choose for love, compassion and kindness is always the right choice, even if the pause to think about how to make that choice takes years.

To care for the Earth, to care for People, and to care enough to share fairly, right?

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