Tinece Holman-Payne
Healing Springs Farmacy Co-Op

Earth Feathur (Tinece Holman-Payne) is a Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Master with a deep passion for community and empowering people through education and healing. The projects she takes on and the people she works with are part of a worldwide network with a common goal of providing peaceful places and spaces for disadvantaged people. Her passion for education, youth and the homeless has launched a number of beneficial programs that continuously benefit youth and the homeless in North Carolina and New Jersey.

Healing Springs Farmacy Co-Op gives local women an opportunity to buy, sell and trade amongst one another to uplift themselves and the community. Earth Feathur feels inclined to help women that are victims of abuse and domestic violence.

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Women of the co-op are encouraged to be self sufficient and heal naturally while growing and reaching their dreams of success and prosperity. Economic justice for women and minorities is on the forefront of her agenda to heal herself and others. Natural remedies from Earth Feathur’s Cherokee and Blackfoot ancestry are integral to her personal journey and she is excited and thankful for the benefits that nature provides for natural beauty.

​Natural Healing is the primary mission of Healing Springs and the Co Operative Portion of the business enables more people to gain access to beneficial resources and support. At a network of collective spaces throughout North Carolina Earth Feathur teaches lifestyle courses in self sufficiency, agriculture, community building and business. To learn more, email earthfeathur@gmail.com or visit her online on Facebook

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