Women Who Teach Permaculture

We reference and signal-boost hundreds of women in all our courses, but these are the ones who made content specifically for our Permaculture Design Course. Click through to their profiles, read recent writing, and link to their local programs.

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Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson holds an MA in socio-economics and is owner of two ecological businesses, Inside Edge Strategies and Design, and Wild Willow Wellness. She lives, farms, and works in Montana, and is restoring 40 acres of North Woods and installing pond systems and a food forest in Wisconsin.
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Hannah Thorogood

Hannah Thorogood is a permaculture farmer, designer & teacher. Running her own farm (The Inkpot) selling award winning produce direct to customers. Hannah has 15 years of permaculture design experience on a wide range of applications.
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Diana Sette

Diana Sette is a a green infrastructure consultant, a certified arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture, a certified permaculture teacher, and an experienced leader with a diverse range of projects, from designing home ecologies to leading expansive community-oriented permaculture programs.
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