emotional permaculture

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after the dark night the rooster announces the light By Ginkgo Biloba I remember well a sunset from more than two years ago. I was…

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Meditar es dejar de intentarlo

Guía de meditación para mentes inquietas By Rosaura Ruiz La meditación es una herramienta milenaria, una verdadera herencia de toda la Humanidad. Aunque es sencilla…

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Somos Naturaleza

Interiorizando nuestro ecosistema interior By Rosaura Ruiz Parece una cosa bastante obvia, pero que si la entendemos verdaderamente (no con la mente, sino con las…

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Nature of a Resilient Heart

By Nihan Sevinc Uncertain times call for resilient hearts. Hearts that know how to feel and release. A resilient heart welcomes emotions, like a tree…

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Shedding Skin

Things We Can Let Go Of In A Crisis. By Priya Logan Sometimes we are like snakes that have outgrown our skins. Sometimes, we need to…

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Allotted peace

My allotment, a small gateway into the living land, has been of prime importance to my connection to the ground of Permaculture. I have been…

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Everyone is Fake!

By Julia Pereira Dias Few terms get the heat up as quickly as ‘fake’ these days. Everybody hates the fakes. Except here is the truth:…

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The time I visited the oldest ecocommunity in Spain By Elena Pollen Long before moving to Spain, or, a few months actually, my partner &…

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What’s in a Name?

Arbitrary label or a point of connection? By Roshnii Rose What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,By any other name would smell…

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Thou Shalt Not Unhamster

By Julia Pereira Dias Not everyone is frustrated about not having followed their dreams. I know a number of wonderful people that live the ‘normal…

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How to Compost Your Pain

By Dido Dunlop (part of a talk at our New Zealand Permaculture gathering 2015, exploring how we can apply Nature’s ecosystems model to human relationships,…

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Permies of the world unite!

A manifesto for an internationalist permaculture movement By Becky Ellis Migration, the movement of people over landscapes, is, arguably, one of the defining characteristics of…

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