Susan Cousineau

Camarillo, California, USA

This course 1000xed my confidence as a designer not only of physical (land) systems but also of community analysis/assessment. That doesn’t mean I’m GREAT at it — but now I have a process and know how I would go about it for future clients. Before this I’d worked with clients but it was really all over the map (no pun intended) — for this project I had to be very selective about what went in/what got deleted, and that forced me to take a really good look at what actually was working (and what didn’t).

The social permaculture aspect WITH the very solid design skills, plus the great variety of educators who are teaching in their Zone of Brilliance, makes this a hugely different course to others out there. Having a womens’ perspective throughout it also wonderful and valuable and insightful, and showcases the incredible talent of women in permaculture.

TAKE THIS COURSE even if it’s your 2nd, 5th or 10th PDC. I guarantee you’ll learn something, gain new perspective, and come away a better designer, facilitator, educator and/or just all-around human and community member because of it.

2021 Susan Cousineau PWG PDC Student Design Project

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