Sue Kusch

White Salmon, Washington State, USA

After years of being on the edge of permaculture (reading books, taking classes, reading online content) this course connected all of the dots for me. The broad application of ethics and principles to a variety of topics related to living responsibly and ethically is the best that I encountered. The course helped me to navigate decision-making strategically in every aspect of my life, from my gardens to my relationships and most importantly, to my resilience.

This course is really about resilience, empowerment, and ethical choices. The online delivery is exceptional: readings, short videos, additional resources, mentorship, and student/faculty forum are all designed to engage and support the learner. I also valued the female leadership and community; women often are dominated or ignored in co-ed situations.

A superb, life-changing experience!

An overview of my PNW Permaculture Design Project

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