Melissa Stephens

Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

I am so glad that I followed my jumping berries here, nurturing my interests and taking opportunities for personal growth. I have noticed differences in my mood and way I present myself and the way I communicate, it has been soul satisfying to challenge myself in this design and presentation. Luiza has been so inspiring and empowering me throughout, she made me feel calm throughout the process and forgiving myself for not moving fast enough which, really allowed me to dive deeper into the course and not be so judgemental on the presentation but proud knowing I have started this journey. I had some doubt and nerves about presenting the video, as I always have done in presenting, yet I want to challenge myself.

My mentor Luiza was very empowering in our zoom chats and reminded me it is all a valuable practice to ourselves to do the things we find uncomfortable. The things we get nervous about present an opportunity to work on ourselves. We all know that saying.. The problem is the solution.

Eco-Social Permaculture Design Project
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