Maura Housley

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

This course was created with a true permaculture lens- you will get more than the basic information on the psychical levels, but you will get in-depth information on that plus ways to craft a life that is truly regenerative for yourself. You will be inspired by so many woman doing so many rad things, and it will inspire you to create and become more involved yourself. This is honestly some of the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. I would do it again over and over.

This course has changed so much! In the past year while taking this course, I have not only learned how to better care for the earth and myself, but I also have shared egalitarian processes and the art of hosting with leadership at my job, am working on training on inclusive language at work (San Francisco Tech company), started work on revitalizing an abandoned community space, showed up to so many community virtual events to become involved, joined a time bank, and observed and learned from my own site during that time. That is just the start, as this course has contributed to my confidence in starting things in my community. I’ve created nourishing relationships with my neighbors, my partner, and myself through the course.

Final Project Presentation - Permaculture Woman's Guild

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