Małgorzata Witczak

Barycz Łopuszno, Świętokrzyskie, Poland

Finding this program was the ultimate impulse for me to turn my life around: moving from the city to our homestead, leaving corporate life and starting my first own business. PDC gave me courage, deep knowledge, certainty and this inner feeling the my life is moving in the right direction.

Thanks to the course I realised why it is so important for me to participate in various communities of women, both online coaching communities that promote women’s empowerment, and my local community which still cultivates ancestral traditions of our land. How great it was to discover that it all makes sense together – in the garden.

My project, the permaculture oriented evolution of our homestead is an ongoing process. But I feel definitely more confident in what I am doing, and I can easily appreciate and welcome each new development: more biodiversity, natural and abundant garden, safe harbor for the family. I appreciate my own inner evolution from a lot of fear and anger, into conscious creation of my inner landscape.

Permaculture Design Course Project - Kompostella 2021

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