Loretta Buckner
Real World Permaculture

Loretta Buckner has devoted much of her adult life to the study of ecosystems, in particular those which involve human development. Her early learning experiences were heavily flavored by the subsistence farming of her paternal family, and the higher education leanings on the maternal side. As Loretta puts it, “I learned to can from one grandmother, to conjugate from the other.”

​Her discovery of permaculture in the mid-2000’s, while researching grey water systems led her down a rabbit hole from which she has yet to emerge. Her current ecosystem remains on the Gulf coast of Florida, where she continues to create community gardens, teaches kids (in schools and in summer survival camps) and sails, when her boat is floating.

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The courses, workshops and classes Loretta runs include 1-2 hour Introductory workshops and an extended 1-2 day Introduction. She has re-tooled this for children and has also created a 12 week homeschool class based around Holmgren’s 12 Principles. She has also developed “Root Camp”, a brief (5 day) Intro to Teaching course. She has attended a local Eco Teacher training every summer for three years.

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