Lara Schmelzeisen

Heidelberg, Germany

This course has given me a much broader perspective on permaculture then I ever thought possible. Things that were separate before (my work, our garden, being neighbors, family life,…) are now woven together in ways I can explain, map and analyse.

Instead of being overwhelmed by a whole systems design approach, I now feel empowered. My thinking has changed too, I went from worrying and overthinking things (and there is a lot to worry about in times of climate change and a pandemic) towards seeing very clearly my boundaries as well as how things are connected and flow in/out of our home and garden, making it much easier to implement small solutions with big impact.

The extra resources, including videos of almost every permaculture tool or technique featuring women in action, are amazing and I am so glad to have life long access to this course. Seriously, never would have thought life long access is a thing, but here it is!

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