Kerstin Sale

Schwaney, Germany

I loved this course soooo much! I closely watched the improvements that you made over the last months and I can now wholeheartedly say: Excellent, thanks for taking the feedback serious, well done to every single one of the team, and please continue just like this!

When I think back, there were only 3 times I was so engaged in learning in my whole life: a reading contest in elementary school when my first prize was an animal encyclopedia, a highly specialized English course in University that made learning feel like a quest and now this PDC because, although I already thought I considered it all, it opened new worlds of wisdom for me. 

I will miss my evenings with this team, and I will miss getting a constant stream of knowledge for my ever-hungry brain… I catch myself reading chapters again, just for fun, like a favorite book…Thank you all ever so much, it was a life changer for me and I will never forget all the kind encouragement you gave me!!! 

You will find a structure to something that you knew must be interconnected, and will revel in your newfound knowledge, eager to put it into action. And perhaps you will not only improve your life significantly, but to turn it around in ways that you did not think about before.

PDC Presentation by Kerstin Sale

Please note: this student was one of our first graduates, before we had the Design Studio and Design Project Template!

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