G. Silverman

Finn Hill, King County, Washington, USA

I have been deeply enlightened by learning about all the interconnections of permaculture, and I will never be the same. I have a completely new point of view on the world, and the roles I can own in it. I am much more cognizant of how even the smallest actions on my part can have a long ripple effect, and can contribute to a larger change on our ecosystem.

As a designer, I have learned to question everything: How do all the pieces of my design interact? What are the ecological implications? How do I create beneficial synergies? How do I respect my limits? Even socially, in relationships, I am now more aware of how human connections create their own ecology & yield.

Most of all, I have a sense of hope that I didn’t have before. In learning restorative practices, I have gained confidence that humanity can heal the earth, & each other. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course.

GSilverman's Permaculture Design Certificate Project
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