Courtney and John DeHaven

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

From Courtney: taking this permaculture course has entirely re-shaped how I view our environment, our relationship to the environment and the vital role we play within it. The systems thinking and design process helped equip me to share knowledge both at our home site and with others in our community. I believe firmly that the principles and ethics within permaculture have the power to bring healing and renewal to every home and community that embraces them.

From John: before taking this course I thought that I understood permaculture. I thought it was about plants and how to be a lazy, eco-friendly, gardener. Now I definitely don”t understand permaculture, the depth and breadth is far too much for me to grasp in this lifetime, but it has become a lens through which I can examine the whole of my life. It guides choices big and small and encourages me to take note of the multitude of connections at play day to day. This has changed me, and I think it will change you too.

Courtney & John DeHaven PDC Presentation
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