Cassandra Lanson

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

This course has done a lot for me on a personal level. In general I was able to learn more about permaculture and brush up on design techniques, but this is all secondary to the mental benefits I have sustained. I was looking ahead at an empty summer knowing I was supposed to go to a permaculture farm in Puerto Rico for a couple weeks and I felt helpless in the emptiness that awaited me. Then I just gathered up enough courage to pay for this PDC and continue pursuing permaculture in a different way.

 This course made me more confident in asking for the tools I need and want. I also felt so much more connected to the identity of the person I want to grow into. This course pushed me to bring up issues to my parents, and to not shy away from my opinions. This course taught me confidence and commitment to others, and I expect to continue learning.

I’ve never taken another PDC and I don’t necessarily know how the format differs. That being said, people don’t need comparisons to be convinced this is a course worth taking. The community is empowering and caring and will always strive to help you on your way. I felt intimidated when I decided to do this PDC, and the more I learned and engaged the more I felt at ease. I think people should take this course irregardless of if they feel unsure because it makes a positive holistic impact on one’s life and leads you to find confidence.

Fuse PWG Design Project

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