Anne-Sophie L.

Départemente de La Loire, France

PWG PDC was a huge experience for me as it allowed me to work on my own project, at my own pace, on my own terms. I could spend as long as I needed/wanted going in-depth in the topics I resonated most with. It also enabled me to deeply “infuse” the design process and some deeper concepts that are now more familiar and practical tools I can use on a daily basis.

The online part really makes a difference (choosing your project, studying and working at your own pace, having more time to infuse the deep concepts), as having one-on-one feedback time with an experienced permaculture woman. From my experience, I’d say having a secure women only space also makes a significant difference both from a personal emotional perspective as well as from the teaching perspective, which is more inspiring and I could more easily identify with.

If you’re a woman sincerely curious about permaculture, I’d sincerely recommend that you make yourself this favour of doing your PDC with Permaculture Women’s Guild.

ExArchie | Permaculture Women's Guild Double Certificate Final Presentation

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