The Small Beauties and The Universe of Wonders

By Luiza Oliveira

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By the Spontaneously Creative Plants and a Human

  • Hello, Little Flower.
  • Hello, “Giant” Person.
  • I didn’t see you here a few days ago. Are you new to the area?
  • Hahaha! New? You are so cute. I am older than your entire kind, nevertheless, I guess I look fresh to your naïve eyes…What about putting the time aside and play together today? Because tomorrow you won’t see me, and you will think that I am gone.

Every time I enter a space I first perceive its general feelings around it, but it doesn’t take me too long to find a detail, a small beauty and start to create a story about it. And in the garden or in a Forest is no different. I guess it keeps my mind young, my spirit kind and my designer eyes fresh.

Since I was a little girl I was always wondering why things are the way they are, and why some details and small thins seemed to be unnoticed.

I just love to look at little plants, little creatures, observe the texture, observe the little rocks and imagine their perspective of the world, their teachings, their experiences, and their feelings.

Little details seem to open a door into a whimsical world in my mind and I love to play with it.

The ability to play from your heart with the world around you is a great way to exercise your designer’s mind and eyes. When was the last time that you played by yourself and had fun with it? Go, and try it.

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