Sarah Wu
Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies

Sarah Wu is the Director and Educational Curator of the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies, an 85-acre permaculture farm and education center located on the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. She leads Permaculture Design Courses, trainings and workshops in herbal medicine, tropical Deep Ecology, field-to-the-plate holistic nutrition and is preparing to launch a one of a kind Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path, merging the two broad multidisciplinary studies offering students and practitioners and holistic perspective on the relationship between human and environmental health.

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​Sarah is a clinical herbalist of 17 years, practicing planetary eclectic herbalism with a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wise Woman Reclaiming philosophy, focusing on food-based healing and local ethnobotanical traditions. She is a passionate mentor, educator and facilitator who loves to get people inspired and excited by the interconnectedness of the natural rhythms with modern lifestyle.

Sarah is also the co-founder of Medicines from the Edge: a Tropical Herbal Convergence and co-producer of Envision Festival, where she organizes the Educational Experiences and the Village Witches: Traditional and alternative healing modalities, herbal elixir bar, herbal free medical clinic, sacred spaces and healing sanctuary.

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