Review: Life Design Card Deck By Lisa Mcloughlin

Do you need some help organizing your life? Here is my life design card deck review.

By Kt Shepherd

image 276

I bought these beautiful “Life Design” cards by Lisa Mcloughlin Art a few days ago and they are already becoming one of my new favourite things! — Lisa describes the cards as “a personal development companion and oracle for support and guidance” and to help “weave a different story” — the cards are created to be web like in their use and contain gorgeous images depicting permaculture design, permaculture principles, seasonal inspiration and astrological signs of psychological processes that are common to us all. A handy guidebook introducing ideas for how to use the cards for both personal and group work/use, and brief descriptions of each card’s functions is included with the card deck. I’m already starting to see how useful these cards will be for regular life planning and reflection, along with project designing too.

“Life Design,” (and other wonderful nature inspired), card decks, are available from Etsy via Lisa’s website —

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