Deborah Haak-Frost

Three Rivers, Michigan, United States

Coming out of this course, my understanding of permaculture is deeper and more nuanced than it was when I started. Permaculture is both broad-ranging and exact. It is based equally in hard data like soil type and plants per square foot, and soft(er) skills like conflict resolution and stewardship of the emotional landscape.

I felt intimidated at first by the huge amount of information available to me and by the large project asked of me. I was stretched and challenged as I worked my way through the course, but as I look at my completed design, I”m energized and excited to implement it. I feel equipped to put my newfound skills — both hard and soft, from inner landscape to backyard garden to local community — into action. I”m looking forward to taking these learnings with me into so many aspects of my life.

Permaculture Design Presentation - Deborah Haak-Frost
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