How to build organic garden soil

Learn from my example how to build organic garden soil.

By Tara Naylor

image 37
image 38
image 39
Cold climate and sandy soils
image 40
Sand instead of soil
image 41
Buying and moving soil
image 42
Back to sand
image 43
Chickens to the rescue
image 44
Chicken predator protection
image 45
Waste bedding
image 46
Bedding is not composting
image 47
Adding organic materials
image 48
Chicken entertainment
image 49
Digging over the compost pile
image 50
A small pile of compost
image 51
Plant and food wastes
image 52
Keep adding to and working the compost
image 53
Lots of compost
image 54
Enough compost to share
image 55
Great soil and a healthy garden

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