Vanesa Maiorana

Parque Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The first time I’ve heard about Permaculture, was in a Reiki retreat in Arizona (2014), seven years ago. I was fascinated by the possibility to regenerate very damaged and dry lands, creating full ecosystems. I’ve enjoyed the descriptions of a permaculture expert about a tree and all its connections with the environment and the flows of energy with other trees in the area. So when I’ve started this course I was eager to learn more about this, and I wanted to know the way to help in the healing of the world applying permaculture. I didn’t know how I would do it.

When I’ve started the course, I’ve never imagined the process I was going to do at home. First I’ve started thinking how to use my garden, but in my mind there was the garden as it was at the moment, adding some places, changing them or redefining areas. ¡I’ve never imagined a complete transformation! Energy started to flow from the very first moment, and as soon as I connected with the place, I could “hear” that a regeneration was needed. It took almost one year to do it, it was a deep process inside, because I had to question my beliefs and brake structures while I was removing the garden that existed before.

I am very happy with the process and with the new garden that is full of life. I love to be there, watching every small growth, the new flowers, the litlle criatures that started to visit us, and the gratification to see the herbs and vegetables to nourish the family. During the year, I connected with nature and Earth in a more active way.

I wrote the book “EcoAstrología” with my partner, guided not only for the astrological knowledge that is also systemic and holistic as it is Permaculture, but also by the movements that were occuring while I transformed my house, my place, and the dynamics in our family. The process I was doing at home, connected my partner and my children with Permaculture and ecology, and this makes me so happy and complete.

Permaculture project Vanesa Maiorana
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