Olivia Grundy

Madrid, Spain

Finishing the course is a huge accomplishment for me. It has accompanied me through the craziness of the pandemic years, as well as through many big personal life changes. It has given me a new direction, a new perspective about my place in the world and has helped me to begin to construct a new identity for myself. It has also enabled me to make new friends and get involved in a new community of like-minded people. My design project is based on my local community garden

¡Esta es Una Plaza! in the centre of Madrid. It is both a land-based and social systems design, with particular emphasis on the community aspect of the garden. It will be particularly useful for anyone interested in urban permaculture and social systems design. Overall, this has been a wonderful experience and one that I would wholeheartedly recommend to others.

Thank you Permaculture Women’s Guild! ps- in my video I forgot to explain an important aspect of my design! The ‘charlódromo’ is portable space specifically reserved for debate and discussion that can be mounted and dismounted within the pre-existing structures for the garden.

Community Garden Permaculture Design Project
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