Nathalie Heseltine

London, England, UK

This has been 2 years of a lot of growth – in both a botanical and a personal sense. Circumstances have been incredibly challenging, with a lot of sudden changes and situations arising one after the other. I felt the four main pillars of my life shaking under attack – in love, in health, in work and in the home. I am happy to say I have managed to find my internal peace and thanks the route that I chose to weather the storm I am no longer at the mercy of internal or external influences. Permaculture has played a big role in this and it is a mindset, along with stoicism, that I will always carry with me. It has taught me to prioritise myself, helped me to balance the many different elements of my life and to trust the process. Fractal thinking has been at the base of my approach, so everything I do on the macro level I also do on the micro level, this way there is a natural spiral of momentum, progression and continuity. Permaculture has also helped me to shed my ideal of perfectionism, having chosen an urban site full of concrete I initially had to fight against the aesthetically driven urge to ‘makeover’ the site, instead choosing to work with what was already there.

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