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Approaching menopause as a childfree woman

By Gudrun Cartwright As a woman in my late forties, I am definitely approaching menopause. I feel in that ‘peri’ state. Even though I am perpetually altered by chemical hormones, due to suffering from pre-menstrual dysphoric…
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Confronting Shame — The Last Door

By Julia Pereira Dias Shame spits into your romantic dinner. Shame coughs blood on the hands that reach out. Shame laughs its ugly cackle at your reflection in the mirror. Shame is the last door in…
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Archetypes and the power to transform

By Priya Logan I previously wrote a post about identifying and even celebrating your “inputs and outputs”, as a human that is a complicated, sometimes fun and organic practice. That is unless you just think of…
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Plants as friends and family members

Reclaiming our sense of belonging. By Luiza Oliveira Looking at the many roots from my multi-racial family, I realized that most of my family background got lost in trauma, violence and it is hard to track.…
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The Best Advice

By Julia Pereira Dias Aren’t we the selfless ones? “My husband could save so much time, if only he’d listen to me,” sighs Diane. She used to do what most of us do when the other…
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