Laura Otto

Hamburg, Germany

I came to the PWG PDC course in the spring of 2019 with years of gardening experience in a “natural” garden, as well as college-level ecology and design classes and experience in both those areas, so, while I didn’t exactly expect the PDC to be a breeze, I wasn’t prepared for just how much I would learn, how deeply I would be forced to think and the way in which the process of working through the course would sharpen and change the way I looked at the world.

At the same time the course has been going through its own changes, so my path through the design project has been a winding one as I’ve followed along with the developments and adapted my presentation to suit the new template. The new additions to the course have overwhelmingly been terrific and it’s been interesting to see it all unfold. It’s such a strong class!

A thousand times “Thank you!” to my wonderful mentor Aline van Moerbeke, who has been such a insightful and talented teacher and has really gone above and beyond. Thank you as well as to Klaudia van Gool, who started guiding me on my design project path with her thoughtful spirit, and to the amazing mastermind of all of this, Heather Jo Flores.

PWG PDC Laura Otto

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