Kari Ritter

Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA

As a more introverted person this course helped me move outside of my boundaries both personally and in my design. I’ve had the desire to be more involved in the community, in the area of building a stronger local food system, but I lacked confidence in my knowledge and skill set to do so.

This course has given me the foundation I need. I plan to keep learning and building my skills by developing this site plan and volunteering with others. I’m excited for the future and ready to move on to the next stage of personal and site development!

When I started the course I knew that my weak area was in social permaculture. Seeing how other people have been applying the permaculture ethics in this area was inspirational. I would recommend this course because of the quality of the content from so many women from around the world. I believe this course has provided me with a broader range of learning than I would have received from an on site program and has been successful in creating a worldwide community.

pwgpdc presentation
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