Jodie T Williams

Norfolk Island, South Pacific

This course has been a natural progression in my life”s journey. Synchroncity stepped in and I am so very grateful to have followed this calling to delve into further permaculture study. This course is wonderfully designed with short film clips, information to read, recommended further links to explore, documents to download and references of other books / authors / websites to weave your own personalised journey – I have felt supported and guided in beautiful ways. Within all modules, you were able to listen / watch / read from those who were ”walking their talk” – truthfully and honestly. The information and ideas shared consistently tweaked my own curiosity and questioning – on all levels – personally, in my family, my community and on our family land and island. It has created new stepping stones to be explored, and in many ways the opportunity to begin again, anew.

My initial aim was to learn and to be able to blend our traditional ways of living in Norfolk Island with permaculture principles and knowledge. What I uncovered were things I hadn’t thought of before – but which made such sense – and naturally blended with our way of life here on the island. I am more anchored within and I have a solid path to now follow. I feel more conscious, connected, resilient and responsible – as I explored my own design steps on paper and physically in the land, towards the creation of my permaculture design project.

I highly recommend this journey. I am filled with gratitude and appreciation to everyone involved in the Permaculture Women”s Guild. Thank you.

Permaculture Design Course Project 2022 - Jodie Williams
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