Abundance Mindset, Scarcity Mindset

Are you able to approach life with an abundance mindset?

Are you able to approach life with an abundance mindset?

By Carolyn Gemmell

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OK friends, it’s time to get serious about ‘Scarcity Mindset’. Hmm… what’s that I hear you ask?

It’s the state of mind most first worlders are living in at the moment.

I’ts being scared that you will miss out, that someone else might get something you don’t have, that someone else might have more than you, and the notion that ‘you deserve this’ for any number of reasons.

Scarcity mindset is the most boring, dis-empowering state of mind to ever have to live with. To feel scared, vulnerable and to be afraid when things appear tough is really a weak way to live, a half-life.

The hate speech pouring out over social media has made me want to pull the plug on my Facebook account, it’s ridiculous, everyone is finding someone to hate, for some reason, any reason at all and it’s based on the fear of missing out, the fear someone else will have more than you. The notion that you deserve something, that someone else does not.

It is time to wake up out of this collective coma. Scarcity mindset is what sells you rubbish in the guise of fulfillment.

Scarcity mindset keeps you locked in a cage of your own making.

For the past 11 years I have been in a state of abundance thinking, and have worked physically to create an abundance of life wherever I am.

How is it that I created a half acre food growing paradise, full of fruit trees and berries and chickens, a resilient system? Because I worked consistently and diligently, digging one hole at a time, planting one plant at a time, one packet of seeds at a time. All the time working towards abundance creation through an abundant mindset.

Now I am surrounded by an abundant garden but a life full of scared, self-entitled, selfish people, to say I am disgusted would be an understatement.

My life for the past few years has been centered around putting things in place for just such an event as we are living in now.

There is irony for me in the current state of our inevitable collapse, for the past few weeks I have felt like sitting back with a big bag of popcorn, just marveling at the behavior of those around me, I have to keep fighting the urge to say ‘I tried telling you all this years ago’. Throughout the ridicule and shunning by my family I have persisted.

Have I totally wasted my time on believing anyone else out there gets this, that there is anyone out there who wants to change, to do things better, to get off their arses and do anything at all to help themselves, their family, the community?

Is there anyone out there who is prepared to put aside all their lame excuses for inaction, to do something to truly make this world the abundant paradise it could be?

Now I want to know, are you sick of being bored and scared and hateful, of being self-absorbed and self-entitled?

How is scarcity mindset and fear working out for you?

Are we a people with no resilience, no generosity, very few real skills, with very little capacity to see past the shallowness of our own lives?

In the past I thought we would all band together when times get hard…….and they are not even tough in real terms at this stage, yet we are prepared to hate others for little reason, we have become territorial and exclusive with only minor provocation.

Next, we begin killing each other ………unless we wake up and change our mindset to one of abundance.

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